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P Peerless factory in Pusan Korea, Owned and controlled by IIDA Gakki in Japan they made the Nomad series and AE and other acoustics like the Charleston.

I is Idda Gakki they made some AR300 models in the mid 1980's after Fuji stopped making set necks.

There is also another Z that was on the Silver Cadet that was Woo-sin, that place burned down and so did the S&N factory. OK here is another different one JS1-serial# J000036, when was this one made? My assumption is that this is the 36th JS1 made but the rest dosn't match any of the other examples.

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Acoustics with a 2 like 2940000 are Cort Taejan factory because they did not have a Letter on the stamp, I asked them to do that. It matches the description of the '88 AF200, with the narrow Artstar headstock.

I hope this list will be a useful one to all at ICW.

OK it goes like this..starting with Japanese built guitars: 1997 to Now F=Fujigen factory, 2nd & 3rd digit=year made(eg 04=2004) next 5 digits =month & build number Jan=5000 Feb=10000 Mar=15000 Apr=20000 May=25000 June=30000 July=35000 Aug=40000 Sept=45000 Oct=50000 Nov=55000 Dec=60000 So an example here is for a recent model with a Serial number F0330210 = Fujigen 2003 June 210th guitar built.

Jim Hi Jim, what do you mean with the H7 part in our post? I respect the quality input...cause remember I may not be as alert as I used to be sometimes... Now you thought that you had to be kind for the thread for Ibanez ..

Does it mean that a guitar with H7 can't have the year determined prcisely? The Untold Story writers..yes thats my old mate JD ! Sorry taxdodgers..I'm out of school for all the wealth of collective knowledge out there,sometimes, give me a break, cause I'm not on the soapbox here, I do what I do for you guys...3 weeks until the Aussie release of the 2005 Ibanez range..I will get our cleaners to get Spiro's dribble off the glass at the office.So there it is peeps, this brings you up to date,if there is other stuff I have left out which I'm sure I might have like the Artstar Jazz Boxes with the H starting serial number...

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