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They expect to winter at Wood Mountain, 400 miles west of where they are at present, and they are desirous of moving soon, as it is becoming very cold - the ice on their water barrels having already been so thick as to require the pounding of a mallet or some other heavy instrument to break it.

In return for some trinkets presented to them by Mr.

Little took his place and drove his load to Morriston, and did everything in his power to alleviate the sufferings of the injured man, who, we are happy to ascertain is likely to be all right again in a few days.

Differences in nationality and religion existed, but the acceptance of an individual's right to his or her own beliefs, and the patience required for living together amicably exemplified, in a small way, the teachings of Jesus Christ on earth.

Ellis, the chief with a number of his braves waited on him one morning before daylight, and presented him with a great buzzards wing, black as night.

It often consists of the screaming and chattering of nocturnal birds and the howling of wild animals, with now and then, the report of the hunters gun, and occasional unearthly shrieks of the Indian returning hungry and gaunt from the chase.

Sir, many of us, here present, have been schoolmates of your own; we have sat on the same forms, studied the same lessons, been ruled by the same discipline, engaged in the same mischief with yourself; and when my mind reverts to these good old days now it fills me with deep sorrow to think that another of those, with whom we used to associate in our boyhood's days, is about to remove from the neighbourhood --- to seek his fortunes in another and distant land. Knowles, and I can assure you that remnant feels keenly each additional vacancy.

So many have already migrated that we have but a remnant left of those who at one time received instruction in this section from Mr. We could always feel, sir, in grasping your hand and looking into your kindly face that we were holding intercourse with an honest manly man; and he, without making any ostentatious show, was found to be the right man in the right place, ever ready to extend a helping hand, not a neighbour merely in name but also in deed.

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Lamont is the teacher of a public school at Pleasant Point, the Superintendent of a Sabbath School, and the Secretary of a Blue Ribbon Society (Temperance).The Subscriber offers for Sale his two farms in Puslinch, seven miles from Guelph, viz.: North half Lot No.11, in 2nd Concession of said Township, containing 160 acres of land, of which there are 60 cleared and well fenced Strangers fitted into their places side by side, as if they had been specially prepared; adjusted themselves to the peculiarities of one another - for peculiarities there were, and it may be that by virtue of them a more perfect whole was the result.Or if through misfortune or otherwise, the little logging field lay on into summer untouched, a "bee" was suggested, and on the morning of the day ready handed men came in from the different lines with their sober-faced oxen, the chains rattling at their yokes, and they hitched on and the work was done up, and a kindly hand in harvest was ever given with a spontaneity which in later years is rarely witnessed; and ties more tender than the ties of friendship were formed.

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He was, of course, unable to pursue his journey, but Mr.

Edward Ellis of Township of Puslinch, County of Wellington, Province of Canada, first part, Mary Ellis, his wife of said party first part, of the second part, and George Sterling gr., Edward Ellis, James Eagle, Thomas Ellis and Peter Lamont of Township, County and Province aforesaid and William Ellis and Jos.