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He looks rather angry about it and states "Now this is my kind of party." At this point though it cannot be told if their feelings are mutual or not.

At the end of the night, he tells Musa and Flora that the next time they have a party to leave him out of it.

The Cinelumé an Italian dub both have him tell Musa he was looking for Timmy, using it as an excuse to see her because he chickened out on his real plan to tell her his feelings. They seem close enough at times and a relationship may be starting. ", it is revealed that Ho-Boe, Musa's father, is not too fond of Riven.

During the concert at Red Fountain Riven can even be seen smiling when he sees Musa on stage. Ho-Boe refers to Riven as a nearer do well and wishes Musa had found herself a prince like Sky.

Moreover, due to the events in Season 4, Riven becomes more compassionate and relaxed, no longer taking his friends jokes too seriously.

He also smiles a lot more but still has a tendency to be hotheaded and overly jealous.

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He spends most of the first season as their spy until he is betrayed by them.Some characters see him as a daredevil, clever and touchy.Riven is best friends with Nabu and is the most competitive with Sky.In "Face to Face with the Enemy", Riven gives Musa a hug and tell her that she needs to come back to him because he does not know how to live without her.

In "The Phoenix Revealed", Riven leaps in front of Musa to save her from Lord Darkar's attack.In season two, season three and the first movie, he wears a British flag-inspired muscle shirt, bootcut jeans with two black belts crossed over each other and black shoes. In season four, Riven is usually seen wearing a green button down shirt and shorts while working at the Frutti Music Bar, but his season four civilian outfit consists of a blue shirt and a white vest.