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„My daughter came home crying and shaking so afraid she could turn into a boy,” one parent said.

The parents were particularly outraged that transgender training was left off the curriculum, but interestingly enough the school board claimed topics concerning transgenders don’t require prior parent approval.

Conform datelor recensămîntului din anul 2004, populaţia satului constituia 186 de oameni.

Satul Novaia Nicolaevca a luat naștere la începutul secolului XX.

A transgender student revealed her true gender during a controversial sex ed session in a kindergarten class.

Parents outraged over the incident, which included a teacher reading transgender books to the class, flooded a school board meeting in Rocklin, California, which is just outside Sacramento.

As we reported in 2009, a UN report on ‘International Guidelines on Sexuality Education’ proposes desensitizing children as young as five to the concepts of masturbation and having an abortion.

And we also reported on a preschool teaching kids the terms “innersex” and “genderqueer.” But none of this is accidential.

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Astfel de incidente au mai avut loc în toată lumea.

"Iar pe cei cu motivaţii neobişnuite, deşi legale, îi felicităm pentru ingenioasele alegeri în materie de carieră", mai declară acesta pentru Daily Star.