Keanu reeves sandra bullock dating

08-Feb-2016 12:53

He’d been talking about life on the highway before the sirens interrupted him. ‘I love riding through Los Angeles on my own, with the wind, the sound…’ He imitates the twin-piston noise of a Norton motorbike engine.

‘And then there are the aesthetics, the beauty of the motorcycle and the smell of a hot Norton, the oil oozing out – it’s fantastic.

The New York Ritz-Carlton’s most luxurious suite is on the 15th floor.

It affords a magnificent view of Manhattan, as one of the world’s highest-paid actors has just found out.

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As well as the Matrix films, he also appeared in Johnny Mnemonic, Chain Reaction and A Scanner Darkly.‘I used to escape into another world as a kid,’ he says. It was that whole idea of getting out of my own circumstances, a fascination with distant planets, unknown mysteries, going wherever the imagination could go.

‘I remember seeing it first when I was 14 on a black-and-white television. It’s about our apocalyptic tendencies: man’s extinction impulse.