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21-Jan-2017 07:26

I know that you are supposed to be responsible for checking that and I blame myself too, but if I had just received a friendly note or anything, I would have been happy to take care of it.And I was in IRC several times last night also and nobody mentioned anything about it to me.Sponza zawsze utrzymywał, że kobieta została przypadkowo postrzelona podczas gdy on czyścił pistolet.W 1972 roku, Sponza, który powiedział policji, że był związany z przestępczością zorganizowaną, został znaleziony martwy w bagażniku samochodu w Waltham.W 1997 został zaangażowany do roli adwokata Bobby'ego Donnella, właściciela małej, ale walecznej kancelarii specjalizującej się w prawie karnym, w serialu ABC Kancelaria adwokacka (The Practice).

But, yes, wipe the sand out of your collective vadge everyone, because now we're all officially on the same page: the phrase is "for all intents and purposes." AND FUCK ME IN THE FACE HOLE FOR EVER THINKING OTHER WISE. If by "careless" you mean I typically write this between the hours of midnight and 4 o'clock in the morning because I have a day job and a social life, than yes, I have gotten mighty careless. I actually considered asking to start editing my posts before I put them up, but that would delay the posting time considerably because homegirl has a real person job. But don't forget, if you have questions, you can always write in to Considering how the theme of today has been appreciating the frightening, comical and powerful force that is the 2b1b community, I whipped up a 2birds1blog drinking game to start the weekend off right!

Except not really because now that I work queer retail hours, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are technically my "weekend" and my conventional weekends are full of work. I feel like throwing the fact that she's maybe kind of about to die in Becky's face once a week on a public blog might be a dick move on my part. It's "for all intents and purposes." I'm always so fascinated by what puts the 2b1b communities panties in a twist and this debate definitely did. Because, hi, I'm a strapless bra, we should get a drink some time.

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