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Hi Q sued, asking courts to rule that its activities did not, in fact, violate the CFAA.James Grimmelmann, a professor at Cornell Law School, told Ars that the stakes here go well beyond the fate of one little-known company. Sounds like time to complain to Consumer Protection Agency and local state agency.It’s because I am on AWS and the recent Intel vulns has all the cloud vendors patching and rebooting their hypervisors.It’s causing various issues with my infrastructure.Also, most modern web browsers will also handle RSS feeds, but in a limited manner.They will use an RSS feed as a dynamic bookmark folder with automatic bookmarks to all the news in the feed.Hi Q scrapes data about thousands of employees from public Linked In profiles, then packages the data for sale to employers worried about their employees quitting.Linked In, which was acquired by Microsoft last year, sent hi Q a cease-and-desist letter warning that this scraping violated the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, the controversial 1986 law that makes computer hacking a crime.

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I contacted Amazon customer service via the phone number that popped up when I was having problem login. The customer service rep was courteous and nice, but could not help me because I could not tell him the code that he sent to my phone…. I tried explaining that I no longer have that phone.

Most RSS feeds are produced automatically by the same content management software which also generates the web pages dynamically.

They may be aware of some of their desires and expectations, while being unaware and unconscious of others.… continue reading »

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Participating in preparing emission inventories; chemical mass balances; monitoring plans; permit applications; technical and economic feasibility studies for pollution-control equipment and processes; and written reports.… continue reading »

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Even the most popular Bollywood movie arguing for 'one life, one love', Karan Johar's Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998), had the hero falling in love twice! This is the sort of script that world champions of the desi rom-com genre would've taken to an altogether level.… continue reading »

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Most folks also bump up their income when they fill out an online dating profile.… continue reading »

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Senior is the website for anyone seeking maturesex, including sex with old women or older men.… continue reading »

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Connect with me on Facebook or Twitter if you need more assistance with a romance scam, or if you're wondering if it's dating spam or something else.… continue reading »

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