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The book is squarish with a green cover, showing Marcus (from the shoulders up) wearing a little red hat with a green plaid hatband, a yellow turtleneck shirt, and green plaid suspenders. Since it's late, he goes to sleep, but is awakened when he hears chanting? They figure out that there are other children who are in the same plight, and they go back to the cottage and dance, turning the clock forward.The first lines of this book/story were: "Melinda lived in a little white house with a little brown dog and a little grey mouse." The story went on to talk about a buglar and a crocodile and possibly an island, but I have never been able to remember enough to find the book again. Several weird children are dancing in a circle and the clock hands are going backward. As they're dancing, the weird children burst in, screaming at them to stop, but the boy and his classmates are getting younger as the weird children (fairies? This is an illustrated book, there's a picture of a red double-decker bus in it, so I think it's British.Then I found the book and it was called What's The Matter With Carruthers. The final solution was to put his tail in the pretzel baker. There is a newly illustrated copy out, but the copy you probably remember was published in 1959 with illustrations by Linell (Ogden Nash's daughter) ~from a librarian This was a book but it read like a very long poem/prose. At age 6, I could recite the entire prose but now can only remember the first line. I have been looking for this for over twenty years. Ok, everyone insists I've made this up: A young boy lives in a village and goes to school.A Cozy Corner Book, published by Whitman in 1950, about a young monkey named Marcus (after his great uncle) whose tail won't curl, leading him into all sorts of adventures. It had a hard cover, tall (11") but not wide, maybe six inches. It started with: "Melinda lives in a little white house, with a little brown dog and a little grey mouse." It goes on to talk about the house being on a island, a robber at the window and the dog, mouse and Melinda out smart him, perhaps a crocodile in there somewhere. One day he gets lost in the woods and finds a cottage with a grandfather clock in it. He sees an old woman on a park bench crying and after talking to her, realizes she's his classmate, and they've been aged overnight.The baby is actually his nephew, although he doesn't find that out until later. I almost put in the description that one of the main characters had two A's in his name. This is gonna be hard cause it wasn't a story by itself. But heres the main one she can remember---- it was called, I'm not sure about the spelling, " TALYPOE " .The jesters are sons of two sets of identical twins--Kashka and Pip, and they're almost identical as well, only one has blue eyes and the other brown. All she can remember is the saying that was mentioned numerous times in the Hi.One of the three main characters may have been called Cuthbert or Hubert as I remember them having old-fashioned names. The rest of the illustrations in the book were just ordinarily printed on the page. It's all I can remember and even most of that is a bit iffy in my memory. P243 This is most likely a book illustrated and maybe even written by James Marshall. If the wrong story is told it is death to the storyteller.The front cover of the book was white and had a central picture of the three character sitting in a boat. It could be one of the FOX books (like FOX AND FRIENDS). This man is traveling with a young boy and he tells him all the different stories he is thinking about telling to get his opinon of which will be the story to set the kings son free. The story teller is Noom-Zor-Noom, and he travels with a donkey and a boy named Tal.

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It ends with him unable to sleep in his soft bed in the castle and going to join the jesters in their simpler room. Taash was a royal prince, who was stolen to protect him from an evil witch, only there was some mix-up and he was lost--nobody actually knows he's a prince. I told my sister about you and she wants a book looked up for her.There's a sequel called Kashka, which is even harder to find. "Tailypo" (T12) is a story called The Peculiar Such Thing, in a collection of stories called The People Could Fly, by Virginia Hamilton.It's a marvelous collection of African-American folk tales that is sold with a tape of the stories read by Hamilton and by James Earl Jones. " It had some strange illustrations that fascinated my siblings and me because they were grotesque and scary. I am looking for a book I read as a child (1960-1965).I have no idea when it was written, but I would be SO greatful if anyone has a clue!

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Evgeny Schwartz, A Tale of Stolen Time, 1966, copyright.I checked this book out of the local library several times in the 1970's. He recites the multiplication tables in order to avoid being pulled into the bad magic of the ritual. It turns out that the he and the baby are related and part of the royal family.

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